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JCB 540-180 Hi-Viz Telehandler


JCB 540-180 Hi-Viz Telehandler

Maximum Lift Capacity: 4,000kg
Maximum Lift Height: 17.51m
Maximum Engine Power: 81kW & 55kw

The 540-180 hi-viz: a smart investment from JCB.

This industry leading telescopic handler offers incredible return on investment for the rental industry, whilst ensuring performance and onsite safety is unrivalled.

Boasting the industry’s lowest cost of ownership, the new 540-180 HiViz is designed to maximise your return on investment throughout it’s life. Furthermore, JCB’s unrivalled residual value means your Loadall is worth more when it’s time to replace your machine.

Why choose a JCB loadall?

A clever 4-piece boom design combines a hydraulic ram and chains to extend or retract all the sections proportionally in one fast, smooth movement.

  • JCB’s unique regenerative hydraulics harness gravitational forces, diverting oil back to the rams while the arm is lowering. This feature helps to reduce cycle times by up to 20% and fuel consumption by 4.4%.
  • With a 10% reduced turning circle than the 540-170 as well as 1000kg lighter thanks to a shortened chassis and lightweight boom sections, the 540-180 HiViz is one of the most manoeuvrable machines around.
  • A JCB Construction Loadall is extremely manoeuvrable; the compact wheelbase, large steering lock angles and 3 steer modes save valuable time on site.

JCB 540-180 Telehandler Specs

There’s no machine that works harder on site – with unique safety features and class leading visibility, the 540-180 hi viz is designed to protect both operator and bystanders

  • The HiViz range of JCB Loadalls has long stood for class leading visibility. The 540-180 is the latest in the HiViz range to benefit from the low boom pivot point, enabling unrivalled visibility around the machine.
  • Our patented load control system allows for a safer and more stable load placement, whilst hose burst check valves protect the driver and bystanders in the event of hose failure.
  • To protect fellow workers on the job site, a new reversing camera and pulse radar options are now available on selected models, the screen is dash mounted and cameras can be mounted to rear and offside for full visibility around the machine.

Servicing for the JCB range of construction loadalls

With the lowest 1000hr servicing costs in the industry, along with ground level daily checks, lead to an industry leading sae rating.

  • JCB’s own telematics and fleet management system, LiveLink, allows maximum uptime on your machine fleet. Along with tracking machine hours, LiveLink enables you to monitor fuel consumption, service and maintenance alerts. LiveLink also allows you to monitor your DPF regeneration.
  • LiveLink also provides performance reports on idle time, location, machine health, error codes for diagnostics, engine utilisation by power band, safety alerts, and fuel consumption.
  • The latest Stage V legislation compliant 55kW (75HP) engine from JCB offers a combined DPF/ DOC after treatment package achieving Stage V emissions levels without the need for DEF injection, minimising the impact on machine service and operation.

Features of the JCB 540-180 Loadall

The 540-180 hi viz is designed to provide you with maximum uptime. Our machines are as tough as possible, using top quality components and innovative manufacturing processes.

  • The new Construction Loadall range’s stringent testing programme has included prolonged high stress loading of the chassis, boom and other key components.
  • We’ve fitted a tough inverted U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates. For extra strength, we’ve reduced the number of joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.
  • The boom on a Construction Loadall is mounted low in the one-piece fully welded chassis, providing a very rigid structure and maximum over-the shoulder visibility.


make JCB
Model 540-180
Capacity4000kg Lift Capacity