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JCB Machinery In Stock Today

At TC Harrison JCB, we currently have a range of JCB Machinery in stock.
Check out which machines we have available for your purchase with immediate delivery. 

Mini Excavators | Tracked Excavators | Backhoe Loaders | Scissor Lifts | Teletruks | Generators | Site Dumpers | Dumpsters | Tandem Rollers | Telehandlers | Limited Stock

Mini Excavators


The 8008 is an incredibly adaptable 0.8 tonne micro digger, with an engine power of 9kW and max dig depth of 1.69m the contact machine allows high productivity even in restricted areas such as gardens and inside buildings.  

Daily machine health checks are easy to carry out which ensures that your micro digger doesn’t unexpectedly fail during operation. With plenty in stock at TC Harrison JCB, you can purchase your JCB Micro today to reduce idleness and man hours. 

8008 Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 950 kg Max Dig Depth: 1.69 m Max Dump Height: 1.98 m
Engine Power: 9 kW Tailswing: Conventional Electric or Diesel: Diesel 



JCB produces a wide range of mini and midi excavators, meaning you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. TCH JCB currently has their hands on a number of 8026, 16C36C, 50Z, 85Z, 86C and 100C‘s.

The JCB 16C-1 is a lightweight conventional tailswing model which is capable of being towed behind a van or pickup, meaning that the machine can be transported wherever necessary with ease.

16C Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 1749kg Max Dig Depth: 2.576m Max Dump Height: 2.637m
Engine Power: 11.7 kW Tailswing: Conventional Electric or Diesel: Diesel 


Both the 85Z and 86C boast stage V engines which provide superb effort and efficiency with 48Kw Engine Power. They also utilise auto kick down motors which automatically improve productivity as the lower gear reduces the amount of the engine’s power being used to power the machine, this prevents lugging whist increasing the force, or torque of the midi digger. Also, the 86c and 85z share the easy to use 7inch display screen and one touch idle features. The 86c comes with an additional hands-free bluetooth radio and an Optional TAB boom for greater lift capacity and stability.

85Z Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 8,300 kg Max Dig Depth: 3.71 m Max Dump Height: 5.02 m
Engine Power:48 kW Tailswing: Zero Electric or Diesel: Diesel 

 86C Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 8,600 kg Max Dig Depth: 4.52 m Max Dump Height: 6.43 m
Engine Power:48 kW  Tailswing: Conventional Electric or Diesel: Diesel 


Tracked Excavators

JCB offers a range of tracked excavators from 11 to 37 tonnes with productivity built into each one, along with class-leading ease of maintenance, tough components and exceptional operator comfort. The X Series is JCB’s most advanced tracked excavator range to be produced so far, designed solely from consumer feedback and offering diggers which vary in size from 13-15 tonnes. 


Sitting comfortably alongside its 20 tonne big brother, this 13 tonne X series machine took 4 years of development and thousands of endurance tests in order to complete the world class excavator which not only looks strong, but is strong. The machine incorporates extreme comfort alongside great balance and immense strength. The conventional tailswing excavator is capable of digging up-to 0.89m³ in depths as low as 6.063mm.

 131X Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 14,819 kg
Max Dig Depth: 6,063 mm
Max Bucket Capacity: 0.89 m³
Engine Power: 55 kW
Tailswing: Conventional X Series: Yes 



The 14 tonne excavator utilises auto-stop and auto-idle features to reduce fuel consumption for up-to 5%, offering the operator complete autonomy of the machinery and its functions. This is combined with customisable proportional controls which allow operators to set speed and attachment control preferences, meaning the digger fits the operators needs directly. 

 140X Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 15,275 kg
Max Dig Depth: 6,063 mm
Max Bucket Capacity: 0.89 m³
Engine Power: 81 kW
Tailswing: Conventional X Series: Yes 



Within the X Series is the 220X, JCB’s most comfortable and controlled excavator. This extent of control is made possible by the boom float feature, which allows for smooth grading along hard surfaces and improves breaker efficiency by applying the correct amount of pressure.

 220X Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 24,743 kg
Max Dig Depth: 6,694 mm
Max Bucket Capacity: 1.25 m³
Engine Power: 129 kW
Tailswing: Conventional X Series: Yes 



The latest addition to JCB’s highly acclaimed X-series, the 245XR is an excavator that boasts a reduced slewing radius without compromising on cab space or performance, it is definitely one to be taken seriously.

 245XR Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 28,009 kg
Max Dig Depth: 6,627 mm
Max Bucket Capacity: 1.27 m³
Engine Power: 129 kW
Tailswing: Reduced X Series: Yes 


Backhoe Loaders


Designed to help you be the master of all jobs, on every worksite. The JCB 3CX is the master of control due to its all-new Auto features that take automation to the next level such as the new Auto stabiliser technology which enables the stabilisers to automatically extend and stop when the feet make contact with the ground. The new excavator loaders are even easier to use as they utilise a 7″ display that provides the operator with up-to-date information on machine health, plus alerts, service schedules, ‘how to videos’, audio and phone controls.

 3CX Machine Specifications
Operating Weight: 7,887kg – 9,500kg
Max Dig Depth: 6,063 mm
Engine Power: 55kW – 81kW          




At the TC Harrison JCB depots, there are a number of teletruks in stock and available for purchase, this includes the following models:

TLT 30-19D-2WD, TLT 30-23D-4WD, TLT 35-23D-2WD, TLT 35-26D-4WD, TLT 35-22E-2WD 

Unrivalled forward visibility, forward reach and large lift capacity is provided by the JCB TLT 30-19D-2WD, which dramatically improves safety, while saving time, space and money.

The 35-22E electric forklift is part of a new generation of innovative products in the JCB E-TECH range, and is in stock at TCH right now.



Sscissor Lifts 

A great selection of electric access platforms are currently awaiting a new home at our TCH JCB depots, amongst these are the following models:

S2632E, S2646E, S4550E, S3246E

This means that we will have an electric scissor lift to offer you no matter what your requirements are. Each of these models has been built to last with features such as motor protection plates, wear pads between scissor sections to stop metal-on-metal wear and warning light protection, these all enable maximum uptime.

Machine specifications: UK, English, 110V (Yellow) Plugs and Socket

Not sure which access platform you would require? Contact our dedicated sales representative today who will be able to help you find the perfect machine for your specific needs.




Currently, we have stock of the JCB G40RS which takes up the smallest footprint possible whilst providing a whopping 32Kw of power. The tank, capable of holding up to 226L of fuel reduces tank filling intervals significantly. Plus, the Stage V Generators are incredibly quiet, with the G40Rs only producing 67 dBA @ 7m, it is even quieter than a petrol lawnmower which on average produces 90dBA. This means that it’s easier to hear others while working on site alongside the G40RS, which increases the safety of everyone in its vicinity during its operation.

 G40RS Machine Specifications
Prime Power kVA (kW) : 40 (32) Fuel Consumption @ 75% of Load (Lph) : 7.44 Total Fuel Capacity (L) : 226
Noise – dBA @ 7m : 67


Browse the QS Generator Range here >

site dumper

Site Dumpers 

At present, both the 3T-2 and 6T-2 Site Dumpers are procurable at TCH JCB in both the front and swivel tip models:


3T-2 Site Dumper
Payload: 3,000kg Gross Engine Power: 18.9kW Unladen Weight: 2325-2390kg
6T-2 Site Dumper
Payload: 6,000kg Gross Engine Power: 55kW Unladen Weight: 4900-5470kg




Our stock of HTD5‘s is plentiful at the minute, this JCB machine is capable of carrying up to 500kg at once, with a width small enough to fit through your door or gate.

HTD5 Dumpsters
Carrying Capacity: 500kg Tip Height: 2,720 mm Two Speed Tracking Max Speed: 1.5 kph
Fuel: Diesel Width: 690 mm Max Operating Weight with load: 975 kg


tandem roller

Tandem Rollers

Our CT260-80 and CT160-80 models are in-stock and available for purchase.



Telescopic Handlers

The JCB Stage V 560-80 Wastemaster has been purpose built to meet the unique requirements of the waste and recycling industry. The world’s No.1 telescopic handler is designed perfectly to operate in some of the most arduous conditions and demanding environments.

The JCB 560-80 Wastemaster is available for purchase today,  enquire now using the button below or contact our Industrial Sales representatives to discuss.

JCB 560-80
Maximum Lift Capacity: 6,000kg Maximum Lift Height: 7.9m Maximum Engine Power: 130hp


The following JCB Models are in stock, but with limited availability, so don’t hesitate to contact us if any of the below interest you.



406 Stage V – Construction Specification

457 HT




Not found what you’re looking for? Enquire about the product you desire with our dedicated sales team today