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Here at TC Harrison JCB, we believe in sustainable practices for the construction industry. On this page, we will go through the various business areas of TCH JCB that aim to be more eco-friendly, and how we help to create a greener outlook within the sector.

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JCB Reman


JCB Reman Banner

Previously known as JCB Service Exchange, JCB Reman is an intelligent solution that offers availability, sustainability, and affordability. Simply send your previously utilised machine components for refurbishment where they will be expertly taken apart, analysed, and reconstructed according to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements utilising authentic OEM components. Following a thorough quality check by JCB, they will be resold to other JCB Reman customers while you receive customer credit as compensation.

How JCB Reman Benefits you

Quality Assurance

You can rest easy knowing that the process is approved by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), with the use of authentic parts from trusted suppliers, ensuring the quality of the remanufactured components.

Cost Efficiency

By choosing remanufactured components, you can save up to 50% when compared to purchasing new ones, resulting in decreased overall ownership costs.

Decreased Downtime

Since there’s no waiting for new components to be restocked, and the remanufactured ones come with an “as new” warranty, you’ll have reduced unexpected breakdowns.


Through remanufacturing, the use of raw materials and energy is minimised, leading to a decrease in your CO2 footprint. Additionally, non-remanufacturable components are recycled, reducing waste.

What products are available through JCB Reman?

Reman to the rescue


Our JCB Reman Programme provides a selection of top-tier engine brands, such as JCB’s own Dieselmax line, as well as Perkins, Cummins, and Isuzu. All of these engines are remanufactured to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, with the use of genuine parts.


The remanufactured transmission selection we offer adheres to the most recent specifications and features the latest design advancements. It encompasses not only JCB Transmissions but also other premier brands like ZF and AGCO.

Replacement DPF

Our Reman Programme’s Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) undergo a thorough cleaning process using advanced technology, guaranteeing that the filters will be in a “as-new” state.

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps that have been remanufactured go through a high-pressure, rotational wash to guarantee they are entirely devoid of impurities. Afterward, each pump is meticulously reconstructed to comply with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

And More

The remanufactured selection is frequently growing, so if the product you’re searching for isn’t available at the moment, there’s no need to worry as it might be added to our offerings in the upcoming future.

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Sustainable Careers at TC Harrison JCB

Embracing Apprenticeships and Long-Term Commitment


TC Harrison JCB, a renowned company in the construction industry, not only thrives on innovation and excellence but also stands as a beacon of sustainability. Read on as we delve into the sustainable careers offered at TC Harrison JCB, with a particular focus on their robust apprenticeship programs and the remarkable number of employees who have dedicated over 25 years to the company.



Our commitment to sustainable careers begins with our comprehensive apprenticeship programs. These programs provide a structured learning environment for aspiring professionals, enabling them to develop essential skills and knowledge within the industry.

Apprenticeships at TC Harrison JCB cover various disciplines, including engineering, mechanics, sales and administration. These areas provide diverse opportunities for career growth. Apprentices benefit from hands-on training, mentorship and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, preparing them for long-term success in their chosen field.

Long-Term Commitment

TC Harrison JCB takes pride in fostering an environment that encourages employee loyalty. Many individuals within the company have provided over 25 years of service, reflecting the company’s dedication to creating sustainable careers.

The longevity of employees at TC Harrison JCB showcases the company’s commitment to employee satisfaction, growth and professional development. Continuous training and upskilling opportunities are provided to employees throughout their careers, ensuring their skills remain relevant and valuable.


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Hydrogen Digger

 JCB Becomes a Pioneer for Hydrogen Powered Construction Machinery

A World First

The UK government has allowed JCB to test and use the world’s first hydrogen powered digger on roads and on building sites. The backhoe loader, which is powered by a hydrogen combustion engine, has been given special government approval by the Transport Secretary in an effort to decarbonise the UK’s construction industry.

JCB’s move towards zero-emission machinery is part of a wider trend in the construction industry, as companies look to reduce their environmental impact. The hydrogen-powered backhoe digger is just one example of how the construction industry is embracing new technologies to become more sustainable.

Fuel of the Future

The backhoe loader is not only paving the way for reducing emissions but also creating more than 150 new jobs, with the potential for hundreds more as JCB’s hydrogen initiatives progress. JCB’s commitment to developing zero-emission construction equipment has also led to the development of a hydrogen refueller, which provides a reliable source of clean energy to power the backhoe loader and other hydrogen-powered machinery.

Countless Benefits

The benefits of hydrogen-powered equipment are numerous. Hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity without any harmful emissions, making them ideal for use in urban and environmentally sensitive areas. The JCB hydrogen-powered 3CX is also much quieter than traditional diesel-powered diggers, making it more suitable for use in residential areas.

Learn more about hydrogen power at JCB



E-Tech Range

Zero Emissions, Zero Compromise


JCB’s E-Tech range aims to help shift the construction industry towards a zero-emissions future. The entire range offers all-electric machinery that does not compromise on the well-established performance that JCB provides. There are many benefits to using machinery from the E-Tech range, which we will discuss below.

Innovative Electric Technology

JCB E-Tech machinery harnesses the power of electric technology to deliver exceptional performance while reducing carbon emissions. With electric engines and cutting-edge battery systems, these machines are at the forefront of sustainable construction practices.

Efficiency and Productivity

JCB E-Tech machinery maintains the high standards expected from JCB equipment, providing exceptional efficiency and productivity on the job site. These machines are designed to optimise performance, ensuring you can complete your tasks with ease and precision.

Reduced Noise and Vibration

The electric engines in JCB E-Tech machinery operate quietly, reducing noise pollution on construction sites. Additionally, the absence of internal combustion engines significantly reduces vibrations, creating a more comfortable working environment for operators.

Lower Operating Costs

By utilising electric power, JCB E-Tech machinery helps you save on fuel costs. The advanced battery technology offers long operational hours and faster charging times, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Moreover, the reduced maintenance requirements contribute to overall cost savings.


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