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Backhoe Operator Training

Master the Backhoe Loader

TC Harrison JCB is committed to giving people the skills they need to master the operation of the full range of JCB backhoe loaders.

JCB training partners offer backhoe operator training courses for all abilities, including complete beginners. Each course covers the necessities needed to control the machine, from explaining how the backhoe loader works to specialist and sector-specific skills.

Upon completion, you will gain more than just a qualification. You will have access to more opportunities, greater earning potential and new prospects for a career in construction.

What Does a Backhoe Loader Do?

A backhoe loader is one of the most versatile and useful machines in construction, which can confidently handle a range of loading, roading and excavation tasks.

It brings together the features of an 8T excavator and a front loader, giving operators the ability to lift, level, doze, compact, break, grab, grade and sweep all with one machine. The wheels on the backhoe loader also make it easy to move around site and travel to different locations.

Why is a Backhoe Loader Qualification Important?

Gaining a backhoe loader qualification is an incredibly valuable skill to have as they are the real all-rounder in the construction industry.

A backhoe loader is a fantastic choice for all kinds of different jobs and projects, so operators with backhoe training will always be considered an asset on a construction site.


How Will Backhoe Training Widen My Career Prospects?

A backhoe certification will help set you apart as an operator of heavy equipment, which is a far more specialised field with higher earning potential.

Understanding how to operate a backhoe loader will qualify you for a comprehensive range of construction jobs and projects, including residential and commercial properties, bridges, roads, electrics and water-based projects.

A successful backhoe loader operator means you are adaptable, proactive and forward-thinking. Qualities like these will set you apart from others meaning that operators with backhoe training will always be required on a construction site. A backhoe loader qualification will futureproof potential career choices.


How Long Does Learning How to Operate a Backhoe Take?

Mastering a JCB backhoe loader takes more than reading the training manual, hands-on experience is vital to the process. That’s why each of the JCB approved courses combines theory and mostly practical work. This will ensure that you gain a wide range of knowledge of a backhoe’s operation, safety and maintenance.

The length of this JCB license training depends on the type of course:

Novice training: Up to 2 weeks dependent on experience

360 to 180 conversion: 3 to 5 days

Backhoe Loader Skills Bootcamp: 2 weeks


To learn more about the different JCB approved backhoe loader courses, please view the JCB brochure here.


For further information on training courses available at TCH JCB, please contact Louise Doran on 07764 661205 or