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JCB 514-40 Telehandler


JCB 514-40 Telehandler

Maximum Lift Capacity: 1400kg
Maximum Lift Height: 4m
Maximum Engine Power: 19kW

Why choose a JCB Telehandler?

All JCB Telehandlers are designed to offer maximum productivity through powerful performance and excellent manoeuvrability.

  • The 514-40 machine offers a compact wheelbase, tight steering lock angles and a cab that provides driver comfort.
  • The state-of-the-art production and precise manufacturing process ensures the strength and reliability of the machine.
  • Operators are kept productive whilst inside the cab as it has been designed with high levels of comfort and simple to use controls.

Features of the JCB 514-40 Telehandler

Small yet mighty, the JCB 514-40 is a powerful machine that can reach even the smallest of areas.

  • The machine is perfect for indoor use, as it is small enough to fit through a 1.8m doorway.
  • The new 514-40 does not compromise when it comes to comfort or safety, as it has the largest cab size in its class.
  • Low maintenance costs make the machine an affordable choice that is easy to service.

The JCB range of Forklifts

Powered by ultra-efficient JCB design.

  • Fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics help produce high levels of torque at engine speeds as low as 1600rpm.
  • By providing information like idle time monitoring and machine fuel consumption Livelink helps to reduce fuel usage, save money and improve productivity.
  • The compact dimensions and tight turning circle means the 514-40 efficiently makes use of restrictive working environments.

JCB 514-40 Telehandler Specs

This machine is ideal for a range of work, including agriculture, landscaping, events and construction.

  • Precise control is guaranteed through single-lever joystick controls with proportional auxiliaries.
  • Adaptive Load Control system prevents the machine from tipping forwards during the lifting of heavy loads.
  • 4-wheel steering as standard


make JCB
Model 514-40
Capacity1600kg Lift Capacity