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JCB Livelink

JCB Livelink

JCB are constantly looking at new, innovative ways to help you get the most out of your machine with this in mind JCB has launched JCB LiveLink, a global positioning and advanced telematics system that enables you to better protect your machine and accurately monitor and improve its performance.

JCB LiveLink makes your life so much easier and its the quickest way to confirm that your machines are well maintained and in good health without having to travel around work sites inspecting machines.

Key Features

Accurate Hours Monitoring and Alerting
Maintenance History Records
Critical Machine Alerts

How does JCB LiveLink help with fleet maintenance?
JCB LiveLink makes your life so much easier and is the quickest way to confirm that your machines are well maintained and in good health from the comfort of your own office.

The metrics that JCB LiveLink delivers enable you to manage your fleet more effectively and plan maintenance schedules in advance – it provides instant notifications when a service is due and critical alerts if there are any serious mechanical or electrical problems with your machines. Which means; we can quickly help to make sure that any issues are sorted, and your machines are fully operational and back onsite earning you money.

How does LiveLink improve the maintenance scheduling of my JCB?
LiveLink helps improve maintenance scheduling thanks to the accurate monitoring of machine-hours and service alerts. With these, you are able to prioritise your engineers and routine services which helps saves time and resource.

Technical alerts and maintenance history data helps you manage the health of your machine. Detailed machine history enables you to plan what work is needed before it returns to your yard. Included in the detailed machine history are early warnings, incorrect machine operation and poor daily maintenance on your machine. All of these can be avoided with the help of LiveLink as you are able to instruct operators of certain checks to run before they next start the standing machine.

How does LiveLink help lower running costs?

LiveLink is designed to help lower servicing and running costs by ensuring your machines are operated to their optimum performance, reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary machine wear. By monitoring idle time and real-time fuel consumption, LiveLink helps manage the whole life cost of ownership, driving down costs, driving up productivity.

How to protect your JCB with LiveLink
LiveLink helps keep your machines safe and improves control over machine misuse. Alerts can be set up for when a machine is moved out of or into a predetermined zone, these geofences are customisable to the space required.

Real-time curfew and tow away alerts inform you immediately when a machine is switched on or moved. The LiveLink unit has its own internal battery, so is able to keep tracking the machine, even without the engine switched on.