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JCB LiveLink


JCB LiveLink

The Benefits of JCB LiveLink

What is JCB LiveLink?

JCB LiveLink allows users to manage their fleet remotely from an advanced monitoring system. Anyone can benefit from JCB LiveLink, as all you need is a computer that is connected to the internet in order for it to work. Read on as we discuss what this revolutionary software can do for you and your fleet.

Fleet Management

Fleet management is one of the biggest benefits of JCB LiveLink as it is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of keeping track of your machinery.

JCB LiveLink also allows for the option of having a mixed fleet, as it works with all compatible machines, no matter what brand. This means that you can have complete control of your entire fleet. LiveLink can also be linked to your existing fleet management software, which makes the changeover simple and greatly reduces the admin time of adding fleet details.

Machine Security

The fear surrounding the security of your machinery can be eased thanks to JCB LiveLink. The software allows for you to know exactly where your connected machines are at all times.

LiveLink provides the following services to enhance the security of your machine:

  • Geofencing alerts – this provides the machine owner with warnings that the machine has been moved out of its operating zone.
  • Real time location – this aspect allows for the identification of machines that could potentially be at risk, so the machine owner can place them in more secure locations to prevent theft.
  • Real time curfew alerts – sends an alert to the machine owner if a machine has been switched on out of its usual working slots.
  • Reduced insurance rates – insurance can be discounted up to a staggering 45% on machines that are using JCB LiveLink. This is due to LiveLink being recognised by insurance companies as a valid security device designed to keep your fleet safe from theft.

Minimises Downtime

JCB LiveLink can maximise the uptime of your fleet as it can ensure that your machines keep up with maintenance checks and are performing well, without the need for you to travel to different job sites inspecting individual machinery.

The software will notify you instantly if a service is due, as well as giving critical alerts if there are any major issues or electrical faults with the machine. This can be a huge benefit as it means that your machinery can be checked and sorted, if required, as soon as possible – meaning that they are back out on sites where they need to be.


Please contact TC Harrison JCB today if you would like to find out more information on JCB LiveLink and what it can do for your fleet.