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JCB Engines and HVO


JCB Engines and HVO

There is a lot of buzz around HVO and how it can be used as an alternative to standard fuels. However, as HVO is a relatively new fuel, there are various questions surrounding its use in machinery.


What is HVO?

HVO is an alternative to conventional diesel and stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. It is also referred to renewable diesel or HEFA (Hydro processed Esters and Fatty Acids). HVO has a striking resemblance to diesel, sharing various qualities with the fuel. Due to this, HVO can be used as a drop-in fuel to replace standard diesel without having to change anything in the engine, if it meets the specification EN15940. HVO, however, is not a biodiesel as this is created in a chemically different way.


How is HVO Produced?

HVO can be created using a range of feedstocks – which include vegetable oils such as rapeseed, soy beans, non-food oils and waste fats such as animal fats or used cooking oils.

The creation of HVO involves a two-stage process which is known as hydro treatment. This is where the feedstocks are saturated with hydrogen at high temperatures (over 300°C), and then by a further stage which is done to change the chemical structure to give it the desired fuel qualities. The production of HVO is a highly controlled process to ensure the consistency required for a high-quality product that will meet the specification EN15940.


Can HVO Help Reduce Carbon Emissions?

When compared to traditional diesel, the reduction in carbon emissions of HVO fuels can be up to 90%. This can vary with the type of feedstock used to make the fuel.


Will HVO Work on my JCB?

Yes, HVO will work on JCBs that conform to EN15940. JCB is one of the only companies with machinery able to run on HVO. Machines that are used in a range of different sectors, including construction, agricultural and industrial as well as JCB generators all have HVO compatible models.


HVO can be used in machinery as well as diesel, however it is recommended that HVO is used solely on its own in order to feel the full benefits of the product.