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New Product Launches from JCB!


New Product Launches from JCB!

TC Harrison JCB are thrilled to announce the launch of various new game changing machines straight from the JCB factory!

Showcasing brand new models with cutting-edge technology, enhanced efficiency, and operator comfort like never before. Whether you’re looking to expand your fleet or just starting your journey in the construction world, these machines are sure to turn heads and revolutionise your operations.

Read on as we delve deeper into the benefits and key features of these exciting new products!


3TE Site Dumper

Unleash unstoppable performance, minus the emissions: The JCB 3TE site dumper has arrived, the latest E-TECH innovation built to power your productivity. Experience the familiar features you love, now enhanced with the latest electric technology. The 3TE delivers a full day’s work on a single charge, ensuring seamless operation without sacrificing power. Choose the future of construction with the 3TE and get ready to take on any job site.

View the 3TE Site Dumper at TCH JCB


CT380 Compact Tandem Roller

The JCB VIBROMAX CT380-130 asphalt roller makes a big statement in a small package. With a weight under 5 tons and a tight turning radius, it offers ultimate versatility for sites big and small. Boost your on-site productivity by tackling various projects, from road construction to sports courts, with ease. This compact powerhouse handles both sub-layers and asphalt compaction, making even the most confined spaces manageable. Choose the CT380-130 and experience the ease it brings to every task.

Discover the CT380 at TCH JCB


CT430 Vibratory Roller

Introducing the CT430-140, the under-5-ton vibratory roller built for any job site. Its compact size and tight turning radius make it a master of manoeuvrability, perfect for tackling tight spaces and maximising productivity. From road construction to patching driveways, this versatile machine handles tarmac, hardcore, stone, and asphalt with ease. Get ready for smoother operations and an easier life on-site with the CT430-140.

Discover the CT430-140 at TCH JCB

26C Mini Excavator

This 2.5-ton machine tackles heavy loads with ease, offering exceptional digging power, lifting capacity, and unwavering stability. Experience the confidence of JCB engineering with premium quality, proven reliability, and LiveLink support for ultimate peace of mind. Plus, its compact size and 3,500kg towing compatibility make it easy to transport and manoeuvre.

View the 26C Mini Digger at TCH JCB


25z Mini Excavator

The JCB 25Z mini digger delivers a powerful performance despite its small size. Its brand-new 18.4 kW Kohler engine cuts fuel consumption by 5% while delivering quiet, low-vibration power for excavating and lifting. Auto-adjusting track motors keep you productive on any terrain, and high/low flow options let you use a wide range of attachments. This 2.5-ton powerhouse is built for efficiency, performance, and adaptability on any job site.

View the 25Z Mini Digger at TCH JCB


Backhoe Loader Range

Finally, TCH JCB are proud to announce the all-new JCB Backhoe Loader range! JCB Backhoes have been one of JCB’s most popular machines since their introduction in 1953, and have constantly been evolving to stay ahead of consumer needs. There’s no exception with the latest range, proving that JCB offers the latest in innovative machinery design to ensure the best on-site performance, including Dualdrive which can reposition the machine without turning the seat.

View the Backhoe Loader range at TCH JCB


As you can see, TC Harrison JCB aren’t just bringing you new machines – we’re bringing you industry defining products. From the efficient and powerful electric 3TE Site Dumper to the ultra-manoeuvrable CT430 Vibratory Roller and the versatile 26C Mini Excavator, each model boasts the newest technology, enhanced operator comfort, and the potential to revolutionise your construction operations. Don’t forget the latest JCB Backhoe Loader range, carrying on the legacy of innovation and performance. No matter your project or needs, there’s a JCB machine at TC Harrison JCB waiting to help you take it to the next level.

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