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Everything You Need to Know About the New JCB Articulated Booms


Everything You Need to Know About the New JCB Articulated Booms


JCB is launching two new articulated boom aerial work platforms, available in either full battery electric or diesel/electric hybrid drivelines. The A45E and A45EH are designed to offer improved efficiency, operator access and monitoring, all of which help to increase productivity for customers.

Both machines have a maximum platform height of 13.84m and a 7.47m forward reach, with a lift capacity of 300kg. They also feature secondary guarding, puncture-proof tires, slew lock and emergency override – along with JCB LiveLink real-time remote monitoring.


The Full Electric A45E

The A45E is a full electric version of the previous AJ48D, providing zero-emission working without compromising on performance, working height or forward reach. It is powered by eight 6V batteries, producing a 48V, 400AH operating system. These batteries are situated on either side of the lower chassis, maintaining a low centre of gravity for added stability and traction. The batteries power the AC drive motors through motor controllers and the machine’s hydraulic pump through a hydraulic motor controller.


The Hybrid A45EH

On the other hand, the A45EH is a diesel/electric hybrid version of the same machine, perfect for working in more remote locations without a readily available external power supply. It has a 14.8kW three-cylinder diesel engine and a 7.5kW generator, which powers the eight 6V batteries. The engine is mounted on a swing-out tray, making it easy to service and maintain when necessary. The machine also has a 40-litre fuel tank, providing enough fuel for a full week of operation. The battery can be plugged into mains supply if available.


Monitoring and Maintenance Made Easy

JCB’s LiveLink telematics monitoring system provides real-time data on performance, service schedules and fault codes. Managers can remotely monitor engine operation, low fuel warnings, tilt sensor warnings and overload warnings, as well as battery voltage, fuel level and platform load percentage data.


Lifting You to New Heights

The A45E and A45EH deliver a higher lift capacity and are powered by either zero emission or low-emission hybrid drivelines, offering higher efficiency and increased productivity. The machines also feature a 5″ colour touch screen display on the platform, providing essential data and controls to operators. The intuitive interface enhances safety and productivity on the job site.

Furthermore, the machines feature a unique control system that allows operators to seamlessly operate the machine from either location, eliminating the need to switch between platform controls and ground controls, which helps in hassle-free operation.


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