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JCB to Feature on Limited Edition Construction Monopoly


JCB to Feature on Limited Edition Construction Monopoly

A Game Changer for JCB


The game board will feature a JCB ‘property’ for players to purchase, as well as a JCB Backhoe Loader playing piece. From a JCB dealer’s perspective, having JCB featured on the limited edition construction version of the board game Monopoly is a significant honour and a testament to the brand’s influence in the construction industry.

To be featured on the board alongside other well-known construction companies adds a level of excitement and pride for both JCB and TC Harrison JCB. It showcases JCB’s influence and market presence, reminding players of the brand’s role in the construction sector.

Being associated with this edition of Monopoly reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional JCB products and services. It adds a touch of familiarity and fun for our customers who enjoy the game and are also part of the construction industry.

This limited edition Monopoly version can also serve as a great conversation starter during interactions with customers, allowing us to highlight the robust and diverse range of JCB machinery available from TCH JCB. It’s a creative way to engage with customers, emphasising the reliability, quality and versatility of JCB equipment.

The inclusion of JCB in the limited edition construction version of Monopoly is a prestigious acknowledgment of the brand’s influence and a fantastic opportunity to further celebrate the remarkable contributions JCB has made to the industry.


You can pre-order this unique version of the popular game here at a discounted price.