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JCB Pothole Pro Testimonial from Dawsongroup Customer


JCB Pothole Pro Testimonial from Dawsongroup Customer


Dawsongroup emc have invested in JCB’s revolutionary Pothole Pro Hydradig machinery in an attempt to tackle the growing issue of the severe potholes that are present on UK roads. Dawsongroup is TC Harrison JCB’s official rental partner for the Pothole Pro, and they have extended their TC Harrison JCB products by doubling the amount after the success of the initial machinery that was purchased.

Kevin Buttercase of I & K Buttercase have recently provided a testimonial about the Pothole Pro machine they have hired from Dawsongroup and how much of a positive effect it has had on their business. I & K Buttercase operate predominately as an agricultural contracting business who also offer plant hire services. However, they have recently moved into pothole and road repair after hiring a Pothole Pro machine from Dawsongroup. They decided to hire the machine to try and fix some of the pothole issues around where they are based in Scotland. Kevin stated that the roads are in dire condition, especially after the cold winter that they have faced.

The JCB Pothole Pro has many benefits for customers of Dawsongroup. As customers are hiring the machinery from the company, they have no capital outlay. The machines can be hired from Dawsongroup for short term or long term contract hire.

The Hydradig machine is also far more effective and efficient than traditional methods of pothole repair and can prepare a pothole for being fixed in less than 8 minutes – up to four times quicker than manual methods. There is also a backup service and support from both Dawsongroup and TC Harrison JCB for customers to have access to. Kevin explained that TC Harrison JCB also provides a thorough machine installation and familiarisation of the machine and its operation.

The machine does not stop at preparing potholes for repair. Kevin highlights how there are various attachments that can be added to Pothole Pro so that it can be used in other areas too, such as clearing snow and hedge cutting work.

Dawsongroup emc has stated that TC Harrison JCB will become a key supplier in the future of their fleet solutions. Please contact your local TC Harrison JCB if you have any questions or queries regarding the JCB Pothole Pro.