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JCB Launch New 3 Phase Powerpack


JCB Launch New 3 Phase Powerpack


Experience the cutting edge of electric technology with JCB Powerpacks. These state-of-the-art units deliver a complete mobile power solution, with this new 3.100QE offering a 3-Phase power output powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries with exceptional capacity. Whether you’re in a remote location, an emission-regulated area, or seeking hybrid applications with a diesel generator, this Powerpack will allow you to charge JCB machinery and harness the future of off-highway equipment.

This new Powerpack will be able to provide up to 104kWh of energy, all with zero emissions and zero compromise on performance. This means that maximum output onsite can always be achieved with the help of this revolutionary supply.

Say goodbye to the hassle of fluids, filters, and routine servicing. Embrace the opportunity to hybridise your power generation, leading to savings in fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, JCB Powerpacks offer seamless connectivity to solar panels, further enhancing their versatility and sustainability. Embrace electric innovation and become a leader in the field today.


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