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E-Tech JCBs


E-Tech JCBs


The JCB E-Tech range is helping JCB strive towards a more sustainable future. This range offers machinery that is all-electric and has zero emissions, without compromising the performance or the practicality.

JCB are proud to be pioneers when it comes to the production and delivery of fully electric machines and are happy to lead the industry into a zero-emission construction sector.

Many of the highly recognisable JCB machinery that you are familiar with today is available in an all-electric version – including the telescopic handler, the site dumper and the mini excavator.

Using the JCB E-Tech range can help to reduce the impact that your projects have on the environment, through having zero emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide at the point of use. The machinery also does not detract from the standard high-quality performance seen in other conventional JCB machines. The E-Tech range can be powered for a full typical working day on a single charge using lithium-ion batteries.

As the machinery in the range do not contain engines, they are ideal for projects that may be noise sensitive. This can also lead to the improvement of on-site communication due to the reduced noise levels – improving output and performance. Another benefit of the E-Tech range is that there are reduced costs when it comes to the servicing and maintenance of the machines. This is because the batteries that are used to power the machines are maintenance-free, and there are fewer daily checks required and servicing.

The machines increase the working opportunities available. Due to the lack of emissions the machinery can be used indoors and in other emission restricted zones, and because of the reduced noise levels the machinery can also be used out of conventional working hours – leading to increased productivity.

The machinery is easily chargeable using a variety of charging options available to suit customer needs, including a fast charging option. The options range from 110V, 230V and 415V depending on the machine.