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JCB 555-210R Rotating Telehandler


JCB 555-210R Rotating Telehandler

Maximum Lift Capacity: 5,500kg
Maximum Lift Height: 20.5m
Maximum Engine Power: 108kW

INTRODUCING THE JCB 555-210R Rotating Telehandler

The world’s favourite telehandler is now available with a 360° rotating boom. Introducing the 555-210R with 21 metre reach. Our new JCB rotating telehandler is simple to operate and offer all-round productivity, versatility, efficiency and safety.  With over 45 years of manufacturing heritage, building our Loadall telescopic handlers, supported by the best dealer network in the business, supreme reliability and peace of mind is assured.

Why choose the JCB rotating telehandler?

Our new rotating telehandlers have the same simple, well designed controls as our standard telehandlers, so that both machine and operator can work perfectly in harmony.

  • The separate load monitoring and machine screens provide simple, clear information.
  • JCB’s ‘hydraulics to go’ is easy to use and helps reduces operator fatigue.
  • Switch packs located next to the operator allow quick configuration, such as winch speeds and Auto outrigger functions.
  • Wide cab door opening, high pivoting second joystick arm and large anti slip steps on every side, make climbing into the roto easy.
  • JCB’s control interface has been designed for quick, simple and intuitive use.

Features of the JCB 555-210R Rotating Telehandler

Our rotating telehandlers combine the reach and lifting capability of a crane, the manoeuvrability of a telehandler and the access capability of a mobile work platform to offer 3 machines in 1 versatility.

• Remote Control allows the operator to leave the cab with full control of the machine.
• Man platform enabled to allow the machine to be configured into one of the strongest and safest mobile access platforms.
• JCB’s Clearview Q-fit  with Automatic RFID attachment recognition system ensures the correct load chart  & enables attachments to be swapped in seconds providing maximum productivity
• Permanent 4-wheel drive available with traction and road bias tyres for on and off-road performance.

Designed for 360 work on site, the JCB Rotating Telehandler

Our new rotating telehandlers are designed with complete safety in mind. Best-in-class visibility, a load management system and a host of other features and options make them safe for any job.

  • Engine bay and fluids bay doors can be opened with the machine in any position.
  • Unique twin lift rams offer class-leading right side visibility during operation, while optional camera kits help provide best-in-class all-round visibility.
  • Seat presence detection, seat belt green beacons and hydraulic ’to go’ button ensure safe control activation.
  • Extra-large stabiliser feet ensure maximum stability, with the unique ability to deploy within the machine’s footprint.

JCB 555-210R Rotating Telehandler Specs

Whatever the application, our new rotating telehandlers have been extensively tested and proven in real world conditions to give you maximum performance exactly where and when you need it, for all day working.

  • Small turning circle of 4.05m, 3 steer modes and a travel speed of 40kph.
  • JCB Automate technology makes the deployment of outriggers effortless, boasting an industry leading 26 seconds to go from travel position to fully rigged and ready to lift.
  • Lower and raise the winch cable in full before the competition have even fully lowered.
  • Auto auxiliary venting allows quick & easy change between hydraulic attachments

The JCB rotating telehandler

Using 85% of shared JCB components, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and innovative assembly techniques help achieve the very highest levels of quality, reliability and efficiency.

  • JCB’s unique and class-leading hydraulics save fuel by harnessing gravitational forces.
  • Temperature controlled engine cooling fan only uses power if required.
  • The Auto idle feature ensures the engine is only working when needed.
  • The Boom Chain design enables sequential extending and retracting of the boom and market leading cycle times.


make JCB
Model 555-210r
CapacityMax. Lift Capacity: 5,500kg