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JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe Loader

3CX Compact

JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe Loader

  • Maximum Dig Depth: 4.33m
  • Maximum Engine Power: 55kW


The 3CX Compact is our entry level machine providing a high performing backhoe loader in a compact package.

The following features are fitted as standard: 40kph transmission, piston pump hydraulics and servo excavator controls make this the ideal machine for where a larger backhoe cannot access.

JCB 3CX Compact Specs

Space is becoming a premium.

  • 35% smaller than a standard backhoe loader.
  • 2m wide and 2.74m high – 50cm narrower than a standard backhoe, 25% lower than a standard 3CX.
  • Low working height unlocks a new range of previously inaccessible work sites, such as low level buildings and basements.
  • 6m turning circle and 2m width means it can work in a single carriageway allowing a road to be kept open.

Why choose a JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader?

The 3CX Compact is the ultimate in manoeuvrability.

  • Auto switchable 2WS/4WS allows the operator to change between roading mode to site with ease.
  • A three-speed 40km/h hydrostatic transmission makes the 3CX Compact tool carrier an incredibly independent backhoe with a large working radius for optimum productivity; this means that you’re not reliant on other equipment to transport your machine.
  • Compared to a standard JCB backhoe, the turning circle of a 3CX Compact is 16% tighter; in fact, at just 5.8m (with applied brakes), you can U-turn the machine on most single carriageway roads.

What are the features of the JCB 3CX Backhoe?

A spacious cab with excavator controls provides optimum ease of use and controllability.

  • Excavator style controls fitted as standard for ease of use and controllability.
  • SmoothRide System increases operator comfort on and off-road, as well as improving load retention.
  • Plenty of internal/external storage space in the 3CX Compact helps organise the cab environment for improved comfort levels.

The JCB 3CX is more than just a digger

The 3CX Compact is not only designed for the vast range of backhoe loader attachments.

  • A 3-in-1 machine, the 3CX Compact can be a compact excavator and wheel loader, with skid steer attachment versatility. Bi-directional pipework and a handheld tool circuit provide even greater versatility.
  • With 120lpm auxiliary flow, attachments such as trenchers can now be used.
  • This one machine can tackle multiple jobs e.g. pumping water, hand breakers, power tools and disc breakers.

Security features of the JCB 3CX range

The 3CX Compact comes standard with many new and improved safety features to keep the operator safer than ever before.

  • Immobilisers protect the machine. Simply programme a numerical keycode to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Optional Fish Eye mirror provides full visibility to all rear attachments and blind spots.
  • Ground level daily checks make greasing safer with easier machine servicing.
  • Good 360 degree operator visibility from the cab ensures the operator remains in control of the working area.


make JCB
Model 3CX Compact
Capacity4.33m Dig Depth