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40% Off Lights and Mirrors

Don’t let lack of vision slow you down

At TC Harrison JCB, we know construction deadlines don’t wait for daylight. That’s why we are happy to offer selected JCB work lights and safety beacons with up to 40% off. This will help keep your site illuminated and productive, no matter the hour. The key advantages of using JCB lighting features for your machinery are:

  • Accurately tested: All JCB lights are heavily tested in various working conditions on JCB machines. We ensure that all lighting meets relevant legislation and has strong durability for both on and off road use.
  • Simple to use: All our lights and beacons are built for JCB machines, so you can simply attach to your machine, and you are ready to go with easy fitting.
  • All year round: JCB lights and beacons are designed to withstand the toughest of weather conditions, including rain and snow. All lights are waterproof and are fully IP rated to guarantee protection.


TCH JCB will also be offering selected mirrors for your JCB with up to 40% off. These mirrors are built to withstand the demanding conditions faced on construction sites and offer a range of benefits to improve driver visibility and safety, such as:

  • Wide viewing angles: JCB mirrors often have larger surface areas and curved designs that provide drivers with a wider field of view, minimising blind spots and improving awareness of their surroundings. This is crucial for navigating through busy construction sites and avoiding accidents.
  • Compliance with regulations: JCB mirrors adhere to relevant safety regulations, ensuring they meet industry standards for visibility and functionality. This peace of mind is crucial for construction companies operating within legal frameworks.
  • Ergonomic design: Many JCB mirrors are designed with comfort in mind, featuring easy-to-use adjustment mechanisms and comfortable shapes that minimise strain on drivers’ necks and shoulders.


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