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JCB Wastemaster range Chosen by Dawsongroup


JCB Wastemaster range Chosen by Dawsongroup


Dawsongroup, a renowned commercial assets supply company, recently announced their decision to choose two JCB 437HT Wastemaster machines and a 457HT Wastemaster machine from TC Harrison JCB for their material handling division. This is in addition to the 560-80 Wastemaster Telehandlers that were selected in 2022, amongst other machinery. This decision comes after a thorough evaluation of various options and rigorous testing, making it a significant milestone for both companies. TCH JCB has also previously been involved with Dawsongroup by selling six revolutionary Pothole Pro machines to its Dawsongroup emc division, which is committed to providing first-class service and a comprehensive product range.

JCB is well known for its cutting-edge technology, durability, and performance. The JCB 437 Wheel Loader is a versatile, high-performing machine that offers exceptional efficiency, safety and comfort. They are designed to handle tough and demanding applications with ease, making them a natural fit for Dawsongroup material handling.

Dawsongroup is a leading Smarter Asset Strategy solutions provider with many years of experience within the industry. Their commitment to quality and safety is evident in their operations, which cater to various sectors, including forestry, construction and mining. By choosing JCB Wheel Loaders, Dawsongroup will not only enhance their operational efficiency but also ensure their commitment to safety and sustainability.

The JCB Wastemaster machines that have been selected are full Wastemaster spec, meaning they have fire suppression systems, weighloaders, solid tyres and extra filtration systems for performance. The machinery also has high lift arms and high tip buckets for enhanced performance onsite.

Pictured with our Construction & Waste Sales Specialist Oli Brown is Dawnsongroup Area Sales Executive Sarah Black. Sarah is branching into a new area for her career, the waste and recycling sector.

“I’m really excited about working with the waste and recycling sector and seeing where it goes,” said Sarah. “Joining Dawsongroup was the best decision of my career. This is the perfect opportunity to build up my knowledge and experience in a new industry whilst sharing our Smarter Asset Strategy with existing and future customers.”

The decision by Dawsongroup to choose JCB Wheel Loaders is a testament to their commitment to providing the best solutions to their clients. It also demonstrates their focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, which are critical factors in the materials handling industry. With JCB Wheel Loaders, Dawsongroup can improve their operational efficiency, reduce downtime and provide exceptional customer service.

“Our customers come to us because they know we have the knowledge, experience and resources to support them, and they stay with us because the benefits and service we provide are second-to-none,” said Sarah. “We work with our customers to provide them with the solutions they need, whether that’s flexibility and agility through different length contracts, full maintenance and service, or quick lead times with no risk to capital.”


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