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JCB Reman


JCB Reman

What is JCB Reman?

JCB Reman is an eco-friendly solution that provides an affordable and sustainable alternative to purchasing new JCB parts for your machine. TC Harrison JCB will take your previously used machine components off your hands and will send them to JCB, who will reconstruct them. All parts will be analysed and rebuilt in accordance with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements.

Once these refurbished parts have undergone a thorough quality check by JCB, they will be resold within the JCB Reman network. The customer who provided the component will receive a customer credit. Without JCB Reman, the used part would be discarded, so this is beneficial for you and the environment that the part is able to be refurbished and the you will receive credit.


What are the benefits of JCB Reman?

All the products that are provided via JCB Reman have been approved and checked, so you can put your mind at ease knowing that you are receiving a high-quality part for your machinery. It is estimated that by choosing refurbished components, there are cost savings of up to 50% to JCB Reman customers. The scheme also recycles any components that are not able to be rebuilt to working order, adding to the sustainability.

All components involved in the JCB Reman scheme also come with a warranty as if they were a brand-new part, so you can be assured that you are making the right decision in choosing a remanufactured part for your JCB.


What products are available through JCB Reman?

  • Engines – JCB Reman can provide top-quality engine brands, including JCB Dieselmax, Perkins and Isuzu.
  • Transmissions – The range of Transmissions available through JCB Reman includes JCB, ZF and AGCO.
  • Replacement DPF – The Diesel Particulate Filters involved in the JCB Reman programme undergo a rigorous cleaning process using revolutionary technology.
  • Hydraulic pumps – All hydraulic pumps available within the JCB Reman network have been cleaned using a high-pressure rotational washer to ensure that there are no impurities before they are reconstructed.


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