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Lubricants for Your JCB

JCB lubricants


JCB Lubricants

JCB lubricants play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of JCB equipment. From engine oils to hydraulic fluids, these specialised lubricants are designed to meet the demanding requirements of your JCB machinery.


All of JCB’s oils and lubricants undertake a rigorous programme of testing to ensure that they provide the maximum level of protection for your machine. And before we forget, TC Harrison has savings of up to 25% on selected lubricants, so don’t miss out!



Benefits of JCB Lubricants

Using JCB lubricants is crucial for the optimal functioning of JCB machines. These lubricants offer several key advantages:


Improved equipment performance

JCB lubricants are designed to reduce friction, minimise wear, and optimise the overall performance of JCB equipment. By providing excellent lubrication, they enable smooth and efficient operation of critical components, resulting in enhanced productivity.

Extended equipment lifespan

Proper lubrication with JCB lubricants helps prevent premature wear and damage to vital parts of JCB machinery. By reducing friction and minimising heat build-up, these lubricants contribute to extending the equipment’s lifespan and avoiding costly repairs or replacements.

Fuel efficiency

JCB lubricants are formulated to reduce energy losses due to friction, leading to improved fuel efficiency. By reducing internal resistance within the machinery, they enable smoother operation, thereby helping to conserve fuel and reduce operational costs.

Reduced maintenance costs

When JCB lubricants are used correctly and as recommended, they provide effective protection against wear, tear and corrosion. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of maintenance interventions and helps lower overall maintenance costs.


Types of JCB Lubricants

JCB offers a range of lubricants tailored to specific applications and equipment requirements. The main types of JCB lubricants include:

Engine oils

Engine oils are specifically formulated to lubricate and protect the internal components of JCB engines. They provide optimal viscosity and temperature stability, ensuring smooth operation and minimising wear.

Hydraulic oils

Hydraulic oils are essential for the efficient operation of JCB hydraulic systems. These lubricants provide excellent anti-wear properties and maintain consistent hydraulic performance.

Transmission oils

Transmission oils are designed to lubricate JCB gearboxes and transmissions, ensuring smooth gear shifting and reducing friction-related losses. They offer high-temperature stability and protection against wear, extending the life of these critical components.


JCB greases are used to lubricate various moving parts and joints in JCB equipment. They provide excellent protection against water washout, resist extreme pressures, and ensure long-lasting lubrication even in harsh operating conditions.


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