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DS110 Dust Suppression System

Ds110 Dust Suppression System

DS110 Dust Suppression System

The DS110 uses a high pressure piston pump requiring 36 litre per minute feed to nebulise 29 litres of water a minute into a spray of high pressurised water vapour.

Capable of spraying up to 23m, it immediately suppresses any dust particles in the surrounding atmosphere. As standard, its nozzle can rotate 110 degrees Left to Right and 45 degrees Up and Down both via remote control or local at the machine, so the spray can target the exact required location.

It’s all terrain tracks make it suitable for even the roughest ground, and for added safety it’s anti-vibration mounted with mechanical safety stop. Plus, as an extra feature the DS110 has a lance that can be used as a high pressure wheel washer for those muddy sites.


WIDTH 840mm
LENGTH 1,822mm
Height 1,290mm
Weight 670kg
Reach 23m
Nozzle Rotation 110degrees
FUEL Diesel
Litres per min. 29litres
Built-in fuel tank 5litres
Start Electric

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make Dragon Equipment Limited
Model Ds110 Dust Suppression System